Even though you read the below statement, still...

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I am completely discouraged and HATE it ALL!!!!!!. There is literally 10's of Thousands of metal type bands. No one is special. No one stands out. Its just a mosh of shit!!!!
Unless your somebody already no one will ever fucking care about you, your band or your music. It all fucking sucks. But thats the problem with the everything in the world. There is a million of everything. A million convienence stores (if I spell words wrong, I dont care right now because Im ranting and pissed and just fed up with this whole fucking planet) a million walmart/dept. type stores, a million malls, a million coffee cafes, a million of EVERYTHING. Nothing is new and special. How about movies? Oh great, yea lets make a movie because theres only a million people right NOW trying to make a movie and there are already 50 million movies in existence. A million people making pilots for TV sitcoms, a million people trying to make funny witty adult swim cartoons or crude funny shows or whatever in that genre. A MILLION OF EVERYTHING. NOTHING is SPECIAL and it all sucks. What is even the point to do anything because its all just a big heap of shit A million bands, a million wanna-be rappers, a million country bands trying to make it big. And its all just not at all special. Nothing about anything is special. I mean look at youtube. It is FULL and I mean FULL of just EVERYTHING. There is NOT one thing you can think of to do that hasnt already been done to death 40 million times already. I was looking at REVERBNATION last night and I was just looking at 'METAL' and I was looking at the whole world and all the metal bands listed and I was just flabbergasted. I almost just broke down and cried my fucking eyes out. It all just SUCKS!!!!. There is so many bands just in that ONE genre that I cant even believe it. It never ends. Just endless metal bands all trying to be different or copy their idols or whatever but its all just a mess of shit and no one sticks out or is special its just another piece of shit in a heap of shit. And thats another reason why everyone is a fucking piece of crap too. Nobody cares and everythings a lie.
A business treats you like shit and you say 'thats it your never getting my business again, you are losing a customer'. Do you think they care at all??????? No FUCKING way. Because theres 50 people behind you waiting to do business with the business you think your so valuble with and you are NOT!!!
Nobody or business cares if you are mad at them and wont do business with them becuase theres 50 more waiting to give them their business. Thtas why everyone treats everyone else like shit. Because there too many people and it will NEVER EVER EVER EVER END!!!! Babies will just keep being born and pollute the earth and the population will forever grow. 
ANd with Americans its even funnier. Every fucking american thinks they are 'The Shit' and the best ever. Americans all have this giant ego's and 98% of Americans are untalented ignorant no thoughts of their own fucking idiots. Its great to see. Just watch American Idol. And all the shitheads that get up there and think they can sing and then the judges tell them they are no good and you see these people get all crazy and just cannot believe it. And they get all mad and tell off the judges and they all say the same thing, 'Fuck you, they dont know anything, just wait till I make it big, you'll see, blah blah blah what fucking ever'.
Everyone thinks they are the shit when all they really are is just shit!!!
All the idiot american guys and probably any guy for that matter all think their 'Ballers' and all have HUGE Dicks and they can beat anybody up and their all just fucking jag-off goof bags. All idiots I just cant stand them. Also this rant Im doing also has been done 50 million times by people so this too is nothing but one of many and nothing stands out unless I just go crazy and actually do something and blow up the world then you'll be recognized but other than that Ill be the only one who reads this so I dont even know why Im doing this. I have so much more to say but fuck it. It all doesnt matter. One day we'll all just be dead and thats it. Nothing matters and no one cares.
I just wanted to write this because Im completely not interested in anything and Im not even into music right now because nothing and no one is special. 7 billion un-special people and they all think they are special. Im sorry but it all just sucks. SO I dont know what Im going to do but Im starting to snap. I dont know when its gonna come. Today or in 10 years. I dont know but I feel it coming. 

​                                                            Tim Frank  (GIGADTH )