G  I  G  A  D  T  H

      New 8 song CD
 on sale at I-Tunes now!!

     R A P A C I T Y


     You know you cant get any loyalty from all those
 who do anything for money
     You think that 'hell you are a big shot' but we all
 see you aint a damn thing
      Who loves money never ever has enough and those
 who trust in their riches will fall
      Poverty wants but greed wants it ALL and the
 tighter you squeeze the less you will palm
Take All - Take it All - Get it All - Grab for it ALL!!!!!!!!
   Hold On - Your life is Overdrawn, been thrown out
                 No Future No Past
You Thief - Where you dont belong, stole your wealth
               and left you ruined
And so- You reap what you have sown, broke your
           hopes and smashed your things
Slow- Only where evil goes, Tragic Fame No money
        No Glory
        And Now - A Price that you now owe, It
               took your dreams and ended it

    D I S C O G R A P H Y


  Evolutionary Descent

Evolutionary Descent 

Integrated Aversion

14.6 Billion Years

When we're so near the end
​                             2016

Emperors of ROME
​                2015

         2 0 1 7

S  O  N  G  S

One new song will be added every week starting Friday July 14th. Then every Friday morning PST, a new song will be added.

Affirmations of GREED


The first sound you will hear is the intro. It is 'Affirmations of GREED' and then goes into the first song 'The AVARICE'. 
​Click on the triangle and I think the song opens on your windows media player or downloads. If it downloads, goto your documents, then open 'Downloads' and find 'The Avarice' and open it and start listening. You can have it forever. 



If your having problems trying to get the song to play or opening it or whatever, the song is going to be up on 'YouTube' in the next day or so. You can goto 'YouTube' and search 'GIGADTH/ The Avarice' and hear it that way. We will be fixing this little issue very soon so it wont be like this as more songs are put up.                                           Thank You
                                      GIGADTH Management   

And dont forget to come back every Friday for a new song from GIGADTH's new CD 'RAPACITY' also check every so often and read the updates on GIGADTH NEWS. 


Burning You

Listen NOW


Shape of things to come


song 5


Song 6


Advancing Aggressor


Autonomous Soldiers


NationWide DOOM

G  I  G  A  D  T  H

N    E    W    S      and      U    P    D    A    T    E    S

J U L Y   1 4 t h    2 0 1 7

Here it is!!!!!! - The brand spanking your meat new GIGADTH CD is finally here! Is there a ton of people waiting with bated breath for their new CD?  Probably not. But who cares? As long as theres 5 thats all they care about. The new CD 'RAPACITY' is actually a really cool sounding CD. This album, as lead man Tim Frank told us, this album is a real sounding bunch of songs and has its signature GIGADTH sound as well as GIGADTH's awesome sound effects.  Tim wants everyone to know that this album took a hell of a lot of work as well as Tim wrote everyone of these songs. From the music to the lyrics to putting it together to the sound effects, bass guitar, singing, picking out the drum lines and where everything goes, absolutely EVERYTHING. Why? you ask. Because Tim and the rest of the guys from 'When we're so near the end', all went their separate ways. Thats the nice way of saying Tim fired every one of them. Everything went haywire after their last EP and 25 shows that they played in support of the EP. Tim had a whole new set of shows they were to do and also they were all about to go to Europe when the guys decided they wanted their money up front. Tim and his management company wasnt about to pay musicians for jobs they havent even done yet and on such a crazy traveling schedule where anyone could get delayed or lost and never show up for a performance and then Tim would have to cancel and be in breech of contract and end up paying the venue instead. Well, it all went nuts and Tim said everyone's fired and he's going to go on to start a new GIGADTH project and start over. And so the new idea for a new CD was born. Hence, 'RAPACITY'. 'RAPACITY' starts off with the usual story sounding way GIGADTH starts off all of their past CD's. Tim says he loves to do this and wishes more metal bands would do this like in the old days. Tim said that back in the 1980's metal bands would always have this big intro story sounding crescendo into and connected to the first song. And Tim loved this. He loved buying his favorite bands new album and see how the band started off their record by having some cool neat build up of something to introduce the new album. Tim goes onto say that bands dont do that stuff anymore. Its a dying art. Thats why GIGADTH always does something to that effect. 
So along with the new album GIGADTH is going to give weekly updates about whats going on and where their going to be or what GIGADTH has submitted to via different sites and opportunities. GIGADTH is going to give you an insiders view of what goes on in the unseen parts of big or up and coming bands. The ups and downs. The things Tim has to do to keep everything going why he takes GIGADTH to get recognized and into the lime light. Its going to be a really awesome and eye opening journey as Tim goes out into the cruel world in promotion of GIGADTH's new CD, 'RAPACITY'. So here we go and lets take this bull by the balls and as David Ellefson once said in MEGADETH's making of Youthanasia, 'Revolver', 'buckle up for safety'. And as Tim Frank of GIGADTH always says, 'buckle up for safety?, fuck that, BRACE FOR IMPACT!!!!!!'                                                                      WAR-OUT!!!!!!

E N F O R C E   t h e   G I G A D T H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going to continue to keep adding news, pics, tid-bits, anything that has to do with GIGADTH and the new CD 'RAPACITY' until the entirety of the promotion of this new CD is done. SO at the very end this website is going to look like a giant wall of graffiti. Also in the coming weeks we are going to have a place where YOU can submit stuff or just write something and it will go up on this 'Graffiti Website'. Whether its good or bad, its going up. This is going to be a new cool break-through type of site as we go along the crazy journey of promoting a new metal album and playing shows and getting musicians and all the sex, drugs and metalhell that goes with the music. This is going to be GROUND-BREAKING and you are going to witness AND be a part of it. Fuckin' Awesome. Let's fucking GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks for nothin




Las Vegas   Nevada


We are going to be updating our 'GIGADTH NEWS' section either Daily, every other DAY, every two DAYS, every three or four DAYS, once a WEEK, once every two WEEKS, once a MONTH, maybe twice a MONTH. Whenever we have something new for you on the promotion of the new album or the band or Tim or any of the new guys for the band, basically anything GIGADTH, we will be letting you know about it. Also sometimes Tim doesnt feel good or is having a bad day or days and sometimes nothing will be posted because Tim will be not into it and down in the doldrums (look it up) so he wont feel like putting anything up and wont be excited about GIGADTH at all. So not only will you see and read all that Tim and GIGADTH has to offer but now you are going to FEEL it too and know when Tim is not feeling good. So you too now get to go on the roller-coaster ride that is Tim and GIGADTH. So be on the look out and dont forget to check in here at least once a week and read and keep up with Tim and GIGADTH and the new CD 'RAPACITY'.
                                                     Enforce the GIGADTH


 so without further ado........................

       G  I  G  A  D  T  H

                         R  A  P  A  C  I  T  Y

              and the GIGADTH Daily (we use that word loosely) NEWS

July 14 2017 - GIGADTH's new CD, 'RAPACITY' is officially                                      out. Only 1 song is being released online. If you                                  want to hear or have all the new songs you                                            have to buy the album on I-Tunes. The new CD                                  only sells for $10. The one new song that is                                          being released today is 'Affirmations in                                                  GREED' and 'AVARICE'. Its actually one song                                      but in usual GIGADTH style the first part is an
                                 intro that goes into the actual first song. You 
                                 can hear the new songs on the GIGADTH web
                                 site or at JANGO.com. Go to JANGO.com and
                                 type in GIGADTH and pick the new song. 
                                 GIGADTH will be releasing one new song
                                 every Friday for 8 weeks on their website and
                                 JANGO and REVERBNATION. Also goto
                                 REVERBNATION and type in GIGADTH and
                                 pick all their songs to listen to so they can 
                                 move up to #1 on the Las Vegas Metal Charts.
                                 Right now GIGADTH ranks #13. 
                                 GIGADTH was chosen as one of the new metal
                                 bands for Canada's Extreme Metal Radio
                                 Station this week. Dont forget to check back
                                 here at least once a week to keep up with
                                 everything GIGADTH. Also look out for the
                                 new section where you can say your piece or
                                 put up your own picks or your band or what-
                                 ever you want. Look out for that coming soon.
                                 Enforce the GIGADTH.......................WAR OUT!

        More to Come Every Week!!!!!

    W A T C H   O U T ! ! ! ! ! ! ! 

Monday July 17th- Hey all. Ok, here is one of those bad days we talked about to be on the look out for sometimes. You will know bad days because we wont post anything or we wont do what we said. Now, we know thats bad to do to our fans and people who are waiting for something. But let me tell you it gets hard and I get down and until I solve whatever problem I have that I have to solve, I just freeze or lock-up limit. Anyways today were happy over here at the GIGADTH camp. We are #9 on the Reverbnation Metal Charts for Las Vegas and Henderson. Fuckin' awesome. So thanks to all our fans and new fans to get us there. But sky's the limit. 
Now FOR SURE today the new song from the new album, 'RAPACITY' will be up. So keep checking back today because it will be here absolutely.
Also GIGADTH submitted a new press kit to Daily Unsigned. Which is an A&R company to get new bands and new music and GIGADTH submitted themselves to SONY/ATV  music publishing to be accepted to get any of their music to be used in movies or TV or whatever. SO we will wait to hear from that and keep you updated on everything GIGADTH gets chosen for or accepted to. So keep coming back and we'll see how the rest of this week goes.                                                                                                                  W A R   O U T

Tuesday July 18th 2017 - GIGADTH's I.T. team is in the process of doing some things to fix the song button so you dont have to do all that extra crap. It wasnt supposed to be that way. Oh NO!! What Happened! But they are going to put up all the songs as they come out over the next 7 weeks on YouTube so you can go there with no hassles and hear the songs that way. 'The AVARICE' will be up at YouTube in a day or two. The I.T. guys are working on the 'Graffiti Wall' so you can all add stuff to the website too. Hopefully that is not to far off.
GIGADTH is actually doing nothing today. Or I should say Tim is doing nothing today. Tim is in his private office that he keeps in Green Valley (Henderson, NV) Tim is planning and getting some musicians lined up for auditions and getting some promo's all set to come out for promoting the new album, 'RAPACITY'. So in essence Tim IS doing something he's just not out and about today. But he is working as he always is. Tim says there is a lot to come with this album and Tim thinks this is going to gain a big foothold. Enough for him to get out there and become that huge band that he should be. Also Tim says he wants to get these musicians so he can do a tour and stay on the road for the next year. That is what is going to make GIGADTH. So even when Tim says he's doing nothing, he's doing a lot.                                                                                      WAR-OUT, See YA!!!

Wednesday July 19th 2017 - GIGADTH has uploaded their song 'The AVARICE' to Jango.com. Goto Jango.com now and search 'GIGADTH' and listen to the new song, 'The AVARICE' if you couldnt get the song to go here for you. Also dont forget once a week GIGADTH will be putting up one new song from their new CD, 'RAPACITY'. 
Tim is doing GIGADTH business and starting to make appointments for musicians to come audition so Tim can get a tour schedule going. Tim says he wants to get out by the end of the year and be on the road all of 2018. GIGADTH has also submitted themselves to Alternative Radio Airplay and Interviews on the Eddie, Jason and Chris Show. When we know when GIGADTH will be on we'll let you know right away. Also GIGADTH was submitted to Lady Lake Music for their summer metal compilation CD. We will let you know as soon as everything comes available. 
In Las Vegas this morning we had a downpour like you wouldnt believe. It flooded roads and caused numerous accidents. It only rains a couple times a year but when it does, Las Vegas fills up like a goldfish bowl under a running sink. Fuckin crazy. 
Check back for more GIGADTH news and updates.
OH Yes, almost forgot...GIGADTH is #6 on the metal charts for Reverbnation for Las Vegas NV. Pretty damn good considering theres like 250 metal bands up there. So there.                                    W A R   O U T!!!!!!!!!

Thursday July 20th 2017 - GIGADTH's new song 'The AVARICE' is eating up the popular song vote. People are loving the new song. Tim has such a way with writing and putting his songs together that they are definately NOT conventional or orthodox at all. They are always crazily made but in the end when it wraps up, somehow it all makes sense. From the 2 minute + intro, 'Affirmations of Greed' right into the manic guitar/drum opening riffs to the guitar solo build up and then into the actual song. 'The AVARICE' is a masterpiece of disorder and some-what organized chaos with a message that everyone relates to. And this is just the first song off their new 8 song CD named, 'RAPACITY'. Dont forget that every Friday right here, a new song off the album will be put up. And if the problem of hearing the song is not fixed yet, you can always goto JANGO.com, search 'GIGADTH' and choose the new song to listen to.
Tim is on his mission to find and audition new musicians. We will keep you abreast of whats happening with the new line-up for GIGADTH and what decisions Tim makes. Also Tim is doing interviews with on-line radio and promo's for the new CD, 'RAPACITY'.
Tim and his management team have decided to bring back and revive Tim's rock wear clothing line, 'New York Rock Wear Collection', with overpriced cloths for the ego-tisticle wanna be musician that likes to brag and tell everyone they come into contact with how much their T-shirt was. BUT...this time their going to make cool affordable T's, ripped jeans, cool skull necklaces, bracelets and military and leather jackets. The new line is being designed personally by Tim and will be up and online in the next 2 months. We'll let you know when the grand opening will be. But if you want go and see the old New York Rock Wear Collection web site before they re-vamp it and change it all. Its really pretty cool. Goto www.nyrwc.net and check it out.
Other than that keep listening to the new GIGADTH. Crank it up and absolutely blast it where ever you may be and Enforce the GIGADTH!!!!!!!!
​                                         W  A  R    O  U  T  ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  see ya next time


Tuesday JULY 25th - OK here we go again. GIGADTH has posted another new song off their latest CD called, 'RAPACITY'. The new song is named, 'Burning You'. Check it out right here or you can goto JANGO.com and search GIGADTH and click on the new song. Tim is doing more auditions today but he tells us that he has his new guitarist and bass player and now just needs the new drummer. He wants a very animated, fill orientated, double bass king. The drummer, Tim says is a huge part for his new music. The drummer makes it all the more exciting when listening to a song. He builds up the tension, sets the pace and makes it come alive. 
GIGADTH has been submitted to 'Legends Radio' where they will be selecting a bunch of new bands to play their music for the next month. SO other than Tim doing GIGADTH business its business as usual at CAMP GIGADTH. Oh yea, Tim is building his very own GIGADTH GHOST HUNTER ADVENTURE TRUCK. Once he's done he'll post pics. Stay tuned..............Goto REVERBNATION and goto GIGADTH and remember to listen to the new song, 'Burning You' and ....ENFORCE the GIGADTH...................................................................W A R   O U T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday July 25th - GIGADTH has just added another new song to REVERBNATION off their latest CD. The new song is, 'Shape of things to Come' from their new album, 'RAPACITY'. Goto REVERBNATION and search GIGADTH and listen to the new tune NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!